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Mining digital asset's should be easy! As the world moves towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, our mission at Ultra-Pool mining platform is to make the process of mining digital asset's simple, easy and hassle free. Our mining platform is developed with some of the most sophisticated security measures in the digital asset market and our users will enjoy the security, functionality and ease of use that they seek for their investments in they're mining rigs.
Our Team
Owner/DEV: Repo
Cryptocurrency off and on since late 2014 early 2015 and started fixing wallets for myself around the same time. Programing started in 1994 and then off and on since 1996. Made a lot of user programs for AOL chat room busters, MP3 players, emailers, chat room text faders etc. Owner of which is currectly being rebuilt from the ground up. Co-Founder of BitUltra (not public yet) Revolution (not public yet). Lead Dev for Gives Coin, GivesMN. Dev for Stronghands, Stronghands MasterNode, Dravite & Dravite MasterNode (2 others not able to say at the moment)
Miner tech support: Rolfdogg
Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2012.Professional miner of crypto runs his own farm. Performs premines, and security mining via contracts. Works for Pacnode shared masternode services for $PAC. As well for pacpool the official mining pool for $PAC project. HWI coin POW/POS expert helped in pre and post mining operations. And works as an advisor for many other projects. He is an Industrial electrical automation engineer by trade
Media & Design: willfx
Location - Europe.
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